The Golden Dreg Boy© book series is set in the epic Golden Dreg World© where your status as poor or rich matters in how you live your life and whether you live or die. Join Kade and Saya in this sci-fi, dystopian, action-packed journey through a city ravaged by an epidemic.

The Everlast Spring is set in a hidden kingdom that protects a secret: the spring of eternal youth. Princess Ajuma, once betrayed by her lover, swears never to be fooled again. But after her brother dies, she questions everything.

“I like writing from a YA point of view because of the rawness teenagers experience the world through. Mostly un-jaded, they are partaking in new experiences and figuring out who they want to be. Having this as a foundation in books allows for much exploration of themes and experiences.”

-D.K. Dailey

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