Pearl Passing

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2017 Winner of Novel Beginnings Competition, Your Writeful Place (YWP)

Three generations of African American women (3-part story), a grandmother, daughter and child, are bonded not only by their life experiences but by a passed down pearl necklace.

In 1929, as a country girl living in Mississippi, Bethal Gramm, has a lot to learn about life. When a chance meeting in the woods threatens to change her version of normal, she must make tough decisions and discover who she wants to be. 

When Sherie Parker moves to the South to escape the expectations of who she should be, she never pictured herself falling in love with a white man. Can she endure the ridicule of being in an interracial relationship in the 1950s?

In 1964, Grace Jiles, has seen more death than most teenagers. Forced to move across the country, Grace is thrown into the south’s rising race relations climate and must learn to adapt to a different world—and a whole new way of doing things.

“Writing Women’s Fiction is like coming home. It is about the journey of character and connections. And I love the fact that I can  mix in stories about my family as well.”

-D.K. Dailey

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