In the ruins of San Francisco California, survivors of an epidemic that swept the nation have pooled inside the cities, restructuring life as we know it, pitting the rich Golden against the poor Dreg.


(Book 1)

Finding out who you are has never been so deadly.


(Book 2)

Only the strong Dreg survive.


(Book 3)

Everything comes at a cost…Sometimes the price is too high.


(Book 4)

It’s lonely at the top.


(Book 0)

The skate park is the calm and everything else is the storm.


What does it take to survive in a world that doesn’t care about you?


(Book 6)

The rich and the poor are divided and sickness rules the world.

Review Quotes:

“A vivid and sure-footed, if predictable, piece of social commentary.”

Kirkus Indie

“Right from page one, I found that Golden Dreg Boy by D.K. Dailey was a fun read.”

Readers’ Favorite, ★★★★★

“A deeply built slice of dystopian fiction. Not only is it a wild piece of escapist fiction, but it also hits home as a powerful allegory, and a dire warning. The action-packed world laid out in this series’ opening installment has a wealth of potential, benefiting from authentic dialogue, relatable characters, and unexpected descriptions that make a reader sit up and take notice. With just enough youthful romance to balance out the brewing attitudes of rebellion, Golden Dreg Boy is well-balanced, entertaining, and thought-provoking.”

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

Listed in reading order:

Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 0: The Skate Park (Prequel) (Perma-FREE)
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 1: The Slums
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 5, Under the Bridge (Prequel)
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 2, The Underground
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 3, The Hills
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 4, The Premier
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 6, Divided is a combined volume of the prequels in the Golden Dreg Boy series. The Skate Park prequel does not have to be read before book one. But please do not read Under the Bridge before book one, it contains spoilers.

Coming in July 2021

2 NEW Golden Dreg series coming (6 books)

Coming in July 2022

2 NEW Golden Dreg series coming (6 books)

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