The future world is full of sickness & war, segregated into Golden & Dreg, rich and poor. After three high school seniors (Stone, Moss, and Deja) suffer personal tragedies, they’re forced into the chaos, and must pick a side.


(Book 1)

They might destroy each other…if the war doesn’t first.


(Book 2)

Only time will tell if they will defy or uphold the law.


(Book 3)

When the world falls, who will survive?


(Book 4)

Series prequel novella.

War is at the edge of everything.

(Book 5)

Moss novella #1 covers Prequel & Book 1.

The reach for power can corrupt anyone.


(Book 6)

Moss novella #2 covers Book 2.

Robots aren’t the only thing that can’t be controlled.


(Book 7)

Moss novella #3 covers Book 3.

Sometimes destruction is the only answer.

Review Quotes:

“…The drama and social divisions are the real heart of Golden Dreg Army, Enlisted. The allusions to a massive worldquake and the futuristic tech are intriguing, but the brutal war and the toll it exacts are where the real tension and excitement arise.”

(Enlisted) Indies Today ★★★★

“This novel is set to woo readers who love dystopian war stories. With a fast-paced plot, well-developed characters, and some poignant social commentary…this novel keeps you hooked throughout the pages.”

(Enlisted) Readers’ Favorite, ★★★★

“A thrilling YA adventure, and a worrisome prophecy for the future. Peppered with creative details that make this dystopic future feel three-dimensional and all too possible, the story is gripping from the start. The writing is strong, while the dynamic loyalties of the protagonists make it a challenge to stop reading.”

(Enlisted) Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★ 1/2

Listed in reading order:

Listed in reading order:
Book 4: Divided (Prequel) (Perma-FREE)
Book 1: Enlisted
*Book 5: Conquered (Moss)
Book 2: Defiance
*Book 6: Controlled (Moss)
Book 3: Collapsed
*Book 7: Consumed (Moss)

*Companion Novellas are not required reading. You can also read Moss’s trilogy together:
Book 5: Conquered, Book 6: Controlled, Book 7: Consumed.

World Release Order:

Boy, Army, Quake, Robot

World Reading Order:

Quake, Army, Boy, Robot

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Golden Dreg Army –


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